Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anybody out there?

The helib/heContnrs latest release (0.3.1) is once again dead for the time being due to a compiler internal error with the latest (as of today) trunk FPC.

This is no rant about the trunk version changing. That's actually a good thing - the dev team is continuously improving it. The problem is to play catch up with the trunk. It was my decision to base heContnrs on the trunk version. It was the only option in that time, the stable FPC version back in September last year (2.4.0) was not able to cope with some language features required for heContnrs.

I don't know if some users of heContnrs do exist at all. I've never received a bug report through mail, nor an issue was filled on the project site (it can be done by anyone - anonymously). It seems to me it's time to re-investigate the current stable FPC version (2.4.2) and figure out if heContnrs could be made compatible with it. Never tried that actually, maybe a miracle will happen and it will just work, although I don't expect that seriously.

As a hobby project as heContnrs is/are, created mostly to fill my own needs, this can take some time (an unbound amount). If someone has some project with a now broken dependency on any of the previous working versions of the lib then perhaps let me know (via a comment here of through email) to create some pressure on me. I can't promise anything, but I don't do too many things in FPC anymore (only because my professional life is now going on in a different programming language). But I feel guilty for publishing the work which is not usable now and if that created problems to others, I will try to be responsible for that, i.e. try to fix this sooner then if I would do that when it's needed by myself only.

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